American Progress

Our year-round beer series showcases three true-to-style American classics, each brewed with a Southern sensibility. An American Cream Ale brewed with 100% North Carolina grain. A toasty, hoppy American Common Lager. And a straight-up, all-American citrusy IPA.

American craft beer often relies heavily on the traditions of other countries. But these three beers are distinctly American. They’ve evolved over the years and tested the boundaries as they’ve traveled, spawning new interpretations and beer styles.

Our interpretation is distinctly Southern: refined, restrained, and refreshing. Enjoy our American Progress, and come visit us in Durham, North Carolina to see the brewery and tavern we call home.

El Toro is a true-to-style American Cream Ale, brewed with 100% North Carolina barley and corn. Inspired by our home city of Durham, this straw-colored beer is welcoming and unpretentious. A perfect beverage when you “just want a beer.”

4.5% ABV, 15 IBU

Gold medal, 2014 U.S. Beer Open; Silver, 2012 U.S. Beer Open (Cream Ale)

This is where it all began. A homebrewer, a backyard recipe, and a vision to become a landmark brewery for the South. Fullsteam is a true-to-style American Common Lager, a hoppy and malty amber beer inspired by our dream to make a positive impact on a local community and build a Southern beer economy. Fullsteam is the first beer we ever brewed and our namesake for the adventure it launched.

5.5% ABV, 30 IBU

Gold medal, 2012 U.S. Beer Open (American Amber / California Common)

Rocket Science is a true-to-style American IPA inspired by the quest for harmony. We longed for an IPA that exuded confidence in its restraint, that paired well with any meal, and that wouldn’t destroy your palate. We found equilibrium in the optimal balance of sweet malts and bitter hops, an IPA both refreshing and refined.

6.8% ABV, 67 IBU

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