Our brewery has arrived!

A few months back, we bought and partially leased a Münker 15 hectoliter brewing system. Now I can hear you thinking to yourself, “What’s 15 hectoliters, and what does that mean to me?”.

15 hectoliters is 1500 liters.
A liter is approximately 2 beers.

So once we’re all set up and Chris (32) loads up the brewhouse with grain, he is preparing to make you, me, and Casey Casem (if he wants it) around 3,000 servings of beer. Still with me?

If Mr. 32 “double batches” the beer, he runs the brewhouse twice and eventually moves the liquid contents from the brewhouse to the 34 hectoliter fermentation tanks, filling them 30 hectoliters full. That’s 6,000 beers.

We have four 34 hl fermenters and two 33 hl bright (serving) tanks.  If each of them is filled with 30hl of fermenting liquid, that’s a total of 36,000 beers in the house at full capacity. We could take all that beer, go door-to-door in Apex, North Carolina, and serve a beer to every resident (including kids, because we’re despicable human beings).

A beer for everyone in Apex! Sounds pretty huge!

Just for fun, Anheuser-Busch sold just over 100 million barrels of beer last year, or an average of over 70 million pints of beer sold daily — enough to go door-to-door and serve a beer to every resident of England, Scotland, and Belgium. Every day.

In spite of the stark size differences, we can — and we believe we will — make a darn good and profitable business out of our new (used) equipment. Like most craft brewers, our small size allows us to quickly test out and deploy new recipes. Experiment some. You know, innovate. And, most importantly, serve a local market with products crafted (and often grown) here in North Carolina.

What, you want pictures?

Okay! But please know that our equipment is just in storage. I will phrase this another way, just for clarity: we are only storing this equipment until we finish raising the equity (investors) and debt (bank loan) we need to get this thing going. How’s that coming along, you ask? Thanks for asking! Here’s the latest “Pull my finger” image…

pull my finger!

pull my finger!


So…can YOU help pull that finger? We’re raising $400,000 in equity and $400,000 in bank loans (looking like an SBA). And we’re closing in on the home stretch. Email me if you’d like to be a part of our equity team.



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