Can we haz taps handle idea??

Crowdsourcing time! As we get closer to test batching our beers (next week!), it’s time to nail down our taphandles. Now lookie here there’s no reason we can’t just go simple and grow into more interesting and complex artwork…yet I can’t help think about the ol’ “you only get one chance” phrase. We want to nail the tap handle, but the epiphany has yet to hit.

So I’ll put it this way: when you envision going to your local and ordering Plow to Pint beers like Hogwash or Liborious Gollhardt — or Workers’ Compensation beers like Rocket Science IPA and El Toro Cream Ale — what does the tap handle look like in your mind? Is the big F the common theme? Does the F box change color for each beer? Do the Workers’ Compensation and Plow to Pint series have their own tap handle looks?

Is the tap handle wooden? Metal? Poly-resin? What elements to you envision on the handle? Liborius’ profile? A science beaker? An airship? A Shovel? An airship make to look like a shovel? (Okay, scratch that last one.) Resources to help, if you’re so inclined:

Note that simplicity is a good thing. Not that our brand is particularly simple, but we’re a big fan of clean, bold, and easy-to-see-in-a-bar.

Feel free to post your ideas here, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or if you’re a private type, send me an email.  Thank you in advance!


p.s. results of the crowdsourcing “Pimp My Mullet” coming up next!

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