Snuggie Night at the Movies!

Hello from your resident Chief Executive Optimist!

Here’s my take on movies at Fullsteam: our space needs a critical mass of people to make it work. There’s a wide range of movies out there — I call them “Movies You Need To See Before You Die” — that are made better by seeing them in a large group. They can be unintentionally terrible (The Room, Force on Thunder Mountain, Birdemic). They can be classics (Chinatown, The Exorcist). They can be obscure movies that just might change your world (Wake in Fright).

Different though these movies may be, they’re made better by watching them on a big screen. With a lot of people.

And they’re made better by Snuggies.

At least in the colder months.

So bring your Snuggie (or blanket) and your own lawn chair for our weekly Snuggie Night at the Movies, every Wednesday at 8pm. We’ll move the picnic benches in the back half of the big room and make a movie night out of it.

Each week, we’re going to film some awesome movies: true classics. Terrible stuff. Obscure films. Hilarious pictures. Movies that you’ll talk about the next day.  We’ll bring the movie…all you need to do is bring a lawn chair and a blanket with sleeves.

When the weather gets warm again, we’ll ditch the Snuggies. But for now, we’ve got a great line up of movies you need to see…or see again…with a crowd. In a few weeks we’ll have Snuggies for sale before the show. They just might have the Fullsteam logo on them.

Many thanks to Mary Beth Brandt, Fullsteam’s GM, for this most excellent idea.

Free. Starts at 8pm. Bring your favorite blanket with sleeves and a lawn chair.

Wednesday 11/21:
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Wednesday 11/28:
Beat Street

Wednesday 12/5:
Soylent Green
Double feature following 6:30pm Foodie book reading and movie screening

Wednesday 12/12:
Ornithophobia Movie Night  – co-hosted with the Raleigh Grande Art!
Hitchcock’s The Birds followed by
James Nguyen’s Birdemic.
Bring your coat hangers!

Wednesday 12/19:
The Star Wars Holiday Special

OH HAI doggies! Don’t fall asleep during the movie!

Got a movie you’d like us to show for Snuggie Night at the Movies? Tell us more!

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