Fullsteam v. Spangalang: A Sports Ball Wager In The Name Of Beer

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On Sunday, February 7, we’re cheering louder than ever at the tavern. Of course, the Panthers are in the Super Bowl…that we already know. But we’re upping the ante with a big wager on the game.

Enter our friends at Denver-based Spangalang Brewery, launched last year by three ex-Great Divide brewers.


It’s not just about forcing the loser to don the winner’s jersey. Oh, don’t get us wrong…that’ll happen for sure, though of course, we’ll have no real need to wear any orange gear. This here wager ups the ante with local ingredients.


  1. brew a special batch of beer from a recipe chosen by the winning brewery,
  2. brew the beer with indigenous ingredients from the winner’s state,
  3. call it by whatever name the winner wants, and
  4. fly the winning team’s flag for a week or until the beer is gone, whichever comes first.


  1. serve up a batch of beer designed by a fun brewery,
  2. enjoy a beer with ingredients sourced from another part of the U. S. of A.,
  3. revel in the fact that they’ve named a beer brewed and served in another state, and
  4. revel in the fact that the Panthers flag will look great hanging in the Spangalang tasting room.

Because we’re fully expecting a Panthers victory, we’re asking YOU to help:

  • name the beer,
  • suggest a beer style, and
  • come up with the North Carolina beer ingredient for us to send to Colorado.

Click here for the Facebook event page, and let’s kick off the creative process!





On February 5 (the Friday before the Super Bowl), each brewery will release a special pre-game beer to rally local fans. Spangalang will bring back Orange Crushsicle, which it debuted prior to the Broncos defeating the New England Patriots. The beer equivalent of the Dreamsicle frozen treat, Orange Crushscicle is a citrus session ale enhanced with orange juice, sweet and bitter orange peel and vanilla. Its name pays tribute to the past and current defense of the Broncos and predicted the creaming of the Patriots by the Broncos.

We’re responding with some Southern hospitality, and by “Southern hospitality,” we mean passive-aggressive smack talk. Our pre-game beer, Bless Their Heart, is a twist to our recent collaboration with Charlotte-based Free Range Brewing. The beer is made with foraged juniper, North Carolina Fraser fir, and an addition of chokeberry syrup. We thought chokeberry would be a good ingredient to use in this beer due to Peyton Manning’s history of … well, that might be pushing it. We’re all friends here, and this is in the spirit of fun and beery community, so I won’t finish the sentence. Which would have concluded with, “…choking in the Super Bowl.”

In all seriousness, no matter which team wins the game, the rival brewers are winners with the wager. Spangalang assures us that the worst that can happen is that “they let a like-minded, quality-obsessed craft brewer take the lead on a beer of ours. So this is a good bet to make.”

We totes agree.

So let’s cheer on the Panthers at Fullsteam this Sports Ball Sunday as we show the fine folks in Denver (we’re looking at you, Spangalang) how we do it in North Carolina.


  • During Sunday’s big game, we’ll have our famous chip and dip table for leisurely — and even not-so-leisurely — snacking!
  • American Meltdown is slinging delicious, game-day melts. Are they going to make a Denver Meltdown? Or will the Broncos do that all on their own? Come on down to the brewery and find out!
  • We love that scorecard grid with Fullsteam giveaways every quarter. We’re doing it again!
  • Preferred seating up front for those who bring their own camping/lawn chairs.
  • Pregame when you get here. Kickoff at 6:30pm. Panthers celebration immediately after we make the best play in football…Cam taking that knee. 38-13.

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