FORAGER: now buying figs

  It’s Forager time! If you live in central North Carolina and have access to figs, we will gladly purchase quality, washed local figs from you for $2 a pound. If you don’t want the money, we will donate the proceeds we would have given to you to SEEDS, one of our favorite area charities. […]

It's Bastille Day today and we're going to have some Frenchy things going on

It’s Bastille Day today and we’re going to have some Frenchy things going on

  So we’re a Southern-inspired brewery. I’m not going to spend a ton of time justifying why we’re celebrating Bastille Day. We just are. Just like we decide sometimes to throw  Force on Thunder Mountain up on the big screen. It seemed like a good idea at the time, know what I’m saying? Today we’ll have […]

TODAY: enjoy a free cherry hand pie (while supplies last)

  This is the third year we at Fullsteam have been selected to participate in Northwest Cherries’ “Tree-To-Table” promotion, and the final year they’re providing forty pounds of cherries across the nation — one restaurant for every state. (I believe we’re the only non-restaurant to receive cherries in Tree-To-Table’s three-year history). In 2011, we brewed […]