The Saturday Social: We're alive!

The Saturday Social: We’re alive!

Hiya, Durham. Aren’t you glad the world didn’t end? We made it to Saturday! I’d like to think of today’s Saturday Social like the eye of the Christmas storm. It’s a time to breathe deep and sip some beer before the crazy creeps back in. We have a whopping nine brews to choose from and a […]

Wednesday: Fruitcake...The Beer Bottle Release Fun!

Wednesday: Fruitcake…The Beer Bottle Release Fun!

Fruitcake…The Beer, our bourbon barrel-aged old ale brewed with roasted local chestnuts and grilled local (and not-so-local) figs, is already on tap at the tavern, but everyone knows that a fruitcake isn’t a fruitcake unless it can be (re)gifted. In that spirit, we present Fruitcake…The Beer…In Bottles!  Come celebrate with us today. We’ll release 750 mL bottles of Fruitcake…The Beer […]

The Saturday Social: Fruitcake... the beer!

The Saturday Social: Fruitcake… the beer!

Yes, it’s arrived before the sleigh… It’s Fruitcake! And not the kind your weird aunt always brings. This one is a bourbon barrel-aged old ale brewed with roasted local chestnuts and grilled local (and not-so-local) figs. This summer’s fig harvest wasn’t that great, so we added a few hundred pounds of figs from our friends, California. […]