TONIGHT! 10pm! Movies Made Better With Beer

How to make a bad movie: film it in 1978 and use terminology like “the force” fill half the movie with stock footage from nature films, atomic bomb tests, and “Invaders from Mars” include a scene of a young boy sleeping next to an old man he just met have that old man say to [...]

The Saturday Social: we turn two

We’re turning two today. You should come. Cheers, Sean check out the Facebook event page The Saturday Social Line-up for our two-year birthday (August 11, 2012)! SCHEDULE noon – 3 p.m.: Opening ceremonies (beer and general merriment) 3 – 5 p.m.: Music by the Haw River Rounders (bluegrass) 5 p.m.: Contest and prizes! Best Southern Attire! Best [...]

Following FullsTeam Episode 6: The First Four

Following FullsTeam Episode 6: The First Four

An Ongoing Series in Which Amanda Harrasses Fullsteam Employees With Various Media Devices In honor of Four’s second anniversary, I pestered not one but FOUR FullsTeamers. The folks you see above were at the tavern on opening day, and they’re with us now, two years later. Read on for some reflections from Fullsteam’s First Four: [...]