Drinks With Fullsteam: NEXT Tuesday?

Hi all! Amanda here, back in action. Just a quick head’s up that this month’s Drinks With Fullsteam* is happening NOT tomorrow but we’re shooting for NEXT Tuesday, August 28th, at 5:30 p.m. We’re excited about two new beers that are just about ready, and we want to debut them at Drinks With Fullsteam: that’s why […]

The Saturday Social: 8/18/12

The Saturday Social Line-up for August 18, 2012! What to say, what to say? We’re thrilled to see regulars back from vacation and new arrivals to town — particularly campus types from Duke, Carolina, NCCU and State. Welcome to Durham! Someone at the bar tonight said, “This is Durham. This is City Hall.” That made […]

TONIGHT! 10pm! Movies Made Better With Beer

How to make a bad movie: film it in 1978 and use terminology like “the force” fill half the movie with stock footage from nature films, atomic bomb tests, and “Invaders from Mars” include a scene of a young boy sleeping next to an old man he just met have that old man say to […]