Ten things to know about your visit

A while back, someone called us the “indescribable Fullsteam.” In this modern era of sameness, that’s about the biggest compliment we could ask for.

But if you’d like a little more guidance about the type of place Fullsteam R&D is, here are ten things to know about your visit:

  1. We are a brewery and tavern. We brew our own beer on-site and sell it to adults of drinking age. We also offer guest beers, wine, cider, soda, and iced coffee. We do not serve liquor.
  2. We currently only offer snacks at the bar, but you’ll often find a food truck or two hanging out up front.
  3. Because we’re not a restaurant, you are welcome to bring your own food. Delivery, take-out, leftovers, birthday cakes…bring it.
  4. Just don’t bring in outside alcohol, please. That we can’t allow in.
  5. Our tavern is a family-friendly and dog-friendly environment, more akin to a German beer garden.
  6. Kids and dogs must be well-behaved, relatively quiet, and under immediate, direct supervision. We do not tolerate kids that are out of control or unsupervised.
  7. Children must depart by 9pm. No exceptions.
  8. Peak kid times are Friday 5 – 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 6pm. Plan your visit (or plan around it), depending on how you feel about kids while you’re imbibing.
  9. The Fullsteam Kid Multiplier Effect (FKME) states that those biased against the presence of children when alcohol is being consumed will perceive the presence of ten kids for every one actual kid.
  10. A related maxim is the Fullsteam Hipster Multiplier Effect (FHME), in which the ratio is 20:1. That is, for every certified, genuine hipster at Fullsteam, the subject perceives twenty hipsters in his or her presence.

Okay, back to the kid thing, since it’s probably why you’re here.

Why do we allow children to join their parents? We believe that an atmosphere that showcases beer drinking in a positive light — in and among the community — reduces beer’s social stigma. Beer drinking should be normal, not hidden.  And yes, there’s a time and a place for everything. That’s why kids are gone at 9pm. And that’s why we ask parents to only bring their kids if they are well behaved. We are, after all, a drinking establishment.

Some of you still won’t get that we allow kids in the first place. That’s okay. If your frame of reference is “adults should be the only people present when one is drinking,” there are plenty of local options for you to enjoy. You can also come back and hang with us after 9pm and be assured that you will only encounter adults.

But we hope you see the logic in creating (and carefully managing) a unique atmosphere where all are welcome.

Sean Lilly Wilson
Founder and Chief Executive Optimist, Fullsteam

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