Tavern event requests

Fullsteam is a brewery with an on-site tavern. We’re an “all welcome” venue at the corner of Geer and Rigsbee — the hub of Durham’s dynamic food truck scene!

If you’d like to hold your event at our brewery — please fill out the form below.

A couple of notes to inform your decision-making process:

  • We do not currently have a stand-alone private party room. Perhaps someday…
  • We don’t close to the public, except for Very Rare Occasions.
  • We can host up to 200 people.
  • We do not organize kids parties.
  • We do not host undergraduate parties.

Rates depend on day of the week, the size of your group, and your expectations on beer (i.e., open bar or pay-as-you-go).

We hope to someday have a stand-alone private-party room that obviates the need to close the brewery. For now, the most cost-effective means of holding a party is to enjoy your event without closing it off to the general public.