Songs for Humans

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Songs for Humans sponsored this week by Durham Church, and they pass the Pitcher of Mercy to support, fighting to end the economic inequality inherent in our cash-bail system and to bail out defendants allowed to go free by a judge in between criminal hearings but unable to pay the bail amount.

Some of you have really positive associations with Easter; some of you have negative associations with religion in general; for some of you, April 17 is just the 3rd Sunday of April.It also happens to be Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, for the Eastern Orthodox. And someone else decided the 3rd Sunday in April is "Go Fly a Kite Day." For car lovers, it's Ford Mustang Day. For wine drinkers, it's Malbec World Day. For writers, it's National Haiku Poetry Day. For athletes (sort of), it's National Kickball Day.Just look at all the experiences human beings have decided to celebrate and commemorate on this Sunday, and you catch a glimpse of our beautiful diversity. And that's really what we're all about at SONGS FOR HUMANS - DURHAM: We're just people coming together to sing songs that say something universal about being human. How about you come out and sing with us?

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