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Curbside hours 11am - 8pm.

Item descriptions below. To help expedite your order, in "Notes," please add your cell phone number, make and model of your vehicle, and anything else you need us to know. We'll text you when your food is ready for curbside pickup. You can call us at (919) 438-2337 if you'd prefer to place your order directly.

Jambalya ($14)

Traditional Creole rice stew with North Carolina shrimp, San Giuseppe andouille, chicken, peppers, onions, and tomato.

Catfish & Grits Sticks ($15)

Cornmeal-fried catfish, grits fries, malt vinegar aioli, house-made mustard slaw.

Kao Soi ($12)

Chicken, Chiang Mai curry, pickled cabbage, noodles, chili oil, lime, cilantro .

Red Beans + Wild Rice -- VEGAN ($11)

with house-made seitan. Or go animal style with San Giuseppe andouille for an extra $2.50.

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