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Curbside hours 11am - 8pm.

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While we need your address to process payment, we are NOT delivering to your door. The Shipping/Address information is merely to complete your credit card transaction. We're trying to be nimble, working with our existing online store system to get curbside sales up and running. Please bear with us if it's a little clunky.

You can call us at (919) 438-2337 if you'd prefer to place your order directly.

Chicken on a Stick ($9)

Our tribute to the Mississippi gas station classic: fried chicken, on a stick. Three brined, buttermilk-marinated, and fried skewers with your choice of three sauces.

Tell us below which sauces you'd like!

  • Alabama White
  • Western NC
  • Our own spicy Rocket Sauce
  • Pimento Ranch
  • Carolina Dip
  • Cheerwine Mustard

Additional sauce: 75¢

Mixed Greens + Goat Cheese ($9)

Mixed greens, dried cherry, wild rice, Goat Lady goat cheese, herb vinaigrette, sweet onion. Add a fried chicken breast for $5.

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