It's been fun!

Virtual events helped us get through a very challenging year.

As we look toward the end of Covid restrictions and think about the future -- including real-world gatherings -- we have decided to stop booking virtual events. (Groups that have booked with us...don't worry, we're still on, and we're going to end with a bang!)

Speaking personally as the founder and owner...

Virtual events kept me sane. Fullsteam's mission is to "connect people to the land and to one another." I relished the opportunity to share our story, to answer your great questions, and to just generally hang out over beer. 

Beyond the social component, your support helped our brewery financially. To all of you who booked events -- especially those who helped us form this foundation and kicked it off (Lenovo, Intel, PNC, many more) -- thank you. Your support of our local, small, independent business made a big difference in a difficult season.

Will we bring back virtual events? Possibly? But for now, I need to work on our IRL future: our Boxyard RTP expansion, product development, next steps for the business. 

If you have feedback or would like to connect with us, please do so here! Otherwise, I hope to see you at Rigsbee, Boxyard, or somewhere in the real world.

Once again, many thanks for your interest and support -- and thank you to Cat, Chelsea, and Jeremiah here at Fullsteam for putting together and helping run this initiative.

Sean Lilly Wilson
(still the) 
Chief Executive Optimist