Ben Hostetter

Delivery Driver

F: You bring some good experience in craft beer, working for breweries from North Carolina to Colorado to Southern California. What attracts you to the craft beer industry?

BH: It's really the people. Craft beer is full of people who are easy-going and friendly. If you're in a bind or have a need, people will geek out to help you, going to whatever lengths possible to lend a hand. I've found this to be true at Fullsteam and among the area's breweries as well.

F: I can't help but ask: how does North Carolina's craft beer scene differ from Colorado's or Southern California's?

BH: In my heart, I'd say that I feel "more at home" when I drink North Carolina beer. In California, I never felt "this is MY local." So many times, it was just another IPA. In North Carolina, I feel a personal connection to the beer scene -- actual people connections, and that sense of place Fullsteam strives for.

Style-wise, I do believe that North Carolina breweries are more stylistically diverse, carving their own niche in beer that the brewer or owner is passionate about. In Colorado and especially in Southern California, breweries tended to offer the same formula of styles and vibes -- playing the hits.

F: Do you have any favorite travel experiences, beer-related or otherwise?

BH: I absolutely loved the month I spent in the United Kingdom, backpacking all over: London, York, Newcastle, Scotland, Wales, Bath. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could.

F: What do you listen to while delivering Fullsteam beer?

BH: If I'm not listening to the radio, I'm often playing a Spotify playlist. (We get into the details and realize that...we can share this playlist with y'all! Here's Ben's Spotify playlist, "Working from the Box Truck.")

F: What's the hardest part about beer delivery?

BH: Hitting the windows of delivery so as to not interrupt service. It can be tricky to time it right, but we never want to inconvenience people.

F: When we've talked in the past, you mentioned an interest in leadership. Say more about that...

BH: I'm just excited about working toward a shared vision or mission, leading and guiding people to hit short-term and long-term goals. A good leader walks a fine line between being relatable and earning respect.

F: Let's bring it back to beer. What's your favorite beer style?

BH: Bock! I love a good Maibock, and I appreciate the balance I find in many German beer and beer styles. It's near impossible to hide flaws in these well-crafted styles. They're sometimes hard to find, but a well-brewed German lager is one of my favorite things.

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