Jeremiah Sampson

Office Manager

Jeremiah Sampson -- two Biblical names, one superhero of a guy. We're incredibly thankful and grateful to have Jeremiah run our admin tasks and keep the machine hummin'. On to the Q&A!

F: As Fullsteam's Office Manager, you juggle a wide range of responsibilities. Where did you get this super power?

JS: I would say the eighth planet from the sun, but that might be giving too much away. I have always performed better in stressful moments and situations, so I almost look for ways to have a lot on my plate in order to keep me focused and my mind constantly working.

F: You wear purple the most of anyone next to Prince (RIP). Thinking that's because of ECU. Tell us more...what did you enjoy the most of your time in Greenville?

JS: I spent about 12 years in Greenville and I probably enjoyed almost every minute of it. ECU is what took me to Greenville (a.k.a. GVegas), but the people is why I stayed. I made some great friends while I was there and Greenville is a city on the rise.

Looking at it now compared to when I arrived there in 2006, it is a different place. It still has that small-town feel while making some major moves forward in the restaurant and craft brewery scene. You gotta have something for people to do and Greenville is doing some great things in that regard.

(side note from your interviewer, Sean: one of my favorite concerts ever was a pop-up show by The Snails, a side project of Future Islands, at a small bar in downtown Greenville. Man, do I miss live music.)

F: Favorite Fullsteam beer or food item?

JS: My favorite beer is Paycheck. I'm not much of an IPA drinker, though I am coming around on a few of our selections, but Paycheck has such a smooth taste and finish. It is definitely my go-to beer.

F: Fav thing to drink these days (can be non-alc, of course!)?

JS: I am a Southern boy, so my favorite thing to drink these days and most days is a Coke. A hot day, a cold Coke, and some peanuts.....what more do I need to say?

F: What's your dream travel destination?

JS: I have two. Within the U.S., I would love to travel to New York City. The furthest north I have been up the east coast is Baltimore and that was by accident. But, I just want to experience the sights and sounds of NYC.

Outside of the US, I would love to go to Rome. The food. The architecture. The history. It would be a lot to take in and experience.

F: Hobbies / stuff you like to do?

JS: When I am not here, I enjoy working with the alumni of my fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. I enjoy going to baseball games and spending time with my family.

F: What are your long-term career interests?

JS: Long-term, I see myself moving into a human resources role. I would like to stay in a generalist capacity so I can have a working knowledge about many different aspects rather than focusing on one specific thing.

F: What's the first job you ever had?

JS: Burger King, at 15 years old. My mom and I were out that day so I could fill out applications. We stopped there for lunch and I asked for an application -- the manager came out immediately and talked to me. I guess they really needed someone! I started the next week.

I worked in the back for nearly three years before I got a chance to go upfront and work as a cashier and in drive-thru. That was my first taste of working with money and the public and I remember just feeling like that was something I could spend my life doing (working with money, not with Burger King!).