Jerred Hawkins

Delivery Driver

Jerred delivers beer, helps out with accounts, and is a part of the can-do crew at Fullsteam. We're so glad he's joined the team. Here's a Q&A with our favorite Hoosier.

You bring a military (Navy) background. Has your military experience helped you with delivery logistics, or are they two different worlds?

I worked construction for the majority of my military experience, primarily in HVAC and plumbing. Yet I also spent a few years working as a Purchasing Agent for my department. So parts of my military experience definitely helps with delivery logistics. Being a delivery driver for a brewery has its own set of challenges, but it's more or less just learning the routine and gaining experience.

Of the places you've travelled, where would you like to go back most?

I have been to a ton of places: half the U.S., Italy, Germany, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Panama. Out of these locations, my top spot to go back to would be Italy. Authentic Italy cooking is out of this world.

Your time with Fullsteam has pretty much been all in the COVID era. How has COVID made your job of delivering and servicing our beer more challenging?

I came into working for Fullsteam in mid January 2021. I have already started seeing sales grow week by week and for me I'm glad I started when I did, it gave me an opportunity to learn and and get my feet under me. I'm just looking forward to see Fullsteam grow.

What do you listen to while in the truck?

Pandora is my friend while I'm in the vehicle. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to 80s or 90s country; other times it's comedians, Jimmy Buffett, or classic rock. Great tunes helps to pass time and keep a clear head on the task at hand.

Favorite style of beer these days?

I like drinking good Pilsners, Kolsch or a good wheat beer. I enjoy something that's cold and crisp. A nice balance of flavor without being too heavy.

Got a favorite Fullsteam beer or food item?

I currently find myself drinking Todo Vapor most days. It's such a great beer that hits the spot for me.

You've got three days off...NC beach or mountains?

That's a hard choice to make! It would have to depend on the weather. Living here makes for an easy drive to either the beach or mountains. I can say I have spent more time at the North Carolina beaches then the mountains.

I have a few trips I want to take here in North Carolina. I want to take a road trip to see the waterfalls and go on an epic North Carolina BBQ Trip around the state.

You grew up in Indiana. Is Midwest Nice different than Southern Hospitality?

I grew up in a small area in Indiana. Most people know each other and never move out of the area. Indiana has a lot to offer, it's a great state to visit. People are nice in Indiana but Southern Hospitality takes being nice to another level.

Any hobbies or passions?

When I'm not working, you can find me at the lake fishing or camping. In the early 2010s I started making wine at home. I enjoy learning the art and I got a little crazy and in a couple of years I had like 300 bottles of wine. I made it faster then I could drink it. I won a few amateur winemaking awards. I have not made wine in years but I enjoy it.

And just for fun...has anyone correctly spelled your name right out of the gates, without knowing ahead of time how it was spelled?

Absolutely not, my name is one of the most unique ways too spell it. It's actually a combination of two people, Jerry and Red. I have meet a lot of Jareds in my day but no Jerreds.