Shaun Wilson

Sous Chef

Of all things, we have two Shaun/Sean Wilson's working in the brewery. Today, Sean Wilson (CEO) interviews Shaun Wilson (Sous Chef). Only one Shaun/Sean Wilson served his country in the military! Today we celebrate and interview THAT Shaun Wilson.

Sean Wilson: Tell me your name again?

Shaun Wilson: I'm surprised you forgot! It's Shaun Douglas Wilson.

Sean Wilson: So how many times do people think your name is S-E-A-N Sean?

Shaun Wilson: Every day. 

Sean Wilson: So we won! 

Shaun Wilson: Yes, the E-A-N s won out. Congratulations!

Sean Wilson: Growing up in the early days of the E-A-N era, I got called  "Seen" a lot.

Shaun Wilson: Yea, Camper (yet another Sean at Fullsteam) reminds me that I'm the only one who doesn't spell his name right among us.

Sean Wilson: did you come to find out about Fullsteam?

Shaun Wilson: Just the traditional dropping off my resume and meeting the chef. Saw the family atmosphere and I've been here ever since!

Sean Wilson: One thing I've always appreciated about you is your drive and can-do spirit. You help out a lot at the brewery, well beyond the kitchen.

Shaun Wilson: I'm a "what needs to get done" kind of guy. Whatever needs to happen.

Sean Wilson: What other kitchens have you worked in?

Shaun Wilson: Piedmont, which was a lot of fun! Buffalo Wild Wings which was...well, not as much. A few catering jobs, too.

Sean Wilson: What do you like to cook when you're not having to cook professionally?

Shaun Wilson: I've really been into cooking duck recently. I don't really have a set recipe, but I love finishing it off on high heat on a cast iron. it's one of the only poultry meats that can be safely cooked at medium-rare.

Sean WIlson: Favorite Fullsteam beer?

Shaun Wilson: Carver, always. Right now: IGOR CAKE and I'm loving this year's Coffee is for Closers...I think this year's batch (now vegan!) is actually better than last year's.

Sean Wilson: What's your special skill in the Fullsteam kitchen?

Shaun Wilson: That's hard to say...everyone in the kitchen is super talented. Just my willingness to jump in, I suppose. Anything from running the line to cleaning drains, which is what I'll be doing after we're done chatting.

Sean Wilson: That work ethic...I assume it comes from your military background. Did you work in kitchens/KP in the Army?

Shaun Wilson: No, I was military police, but I got used to strange hours!

Sean Wilson: Where did you travel?

Shaun Wilson: Oh, a list of countries? Here goes: I've been to South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq...

Sean Wilson: Wow. Did you get the travel out of your system?

Shaun Wilson: I pretty much got it out of my system. I spent a lot of time moving from place to place, every two or three years. I've missed establishing a home. That's what I love about Durham. It's the littlest big city I know -- like a smaller version of Philly, where I grew up. That chip on the shoulder that Philly has to New York and DC? Durham's got that. I love it.

Sean Wilson: What's song's on repeat these days?

Shaun Wilson: I've been listening to the new Blink-182.

Sean Wilson: What the heck? Another Blink-182 listener 'round these parts?

Shaun Wilson: That new album is really, really good! But beyond that, I've been listening to a lot of old-school punk. I'll send you a safe for work track.

Many thanks to the real Shaun Wilson for his time -- and his service to our country! Meet the rest of Team Fullsteam here.