On tap today

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Mama’s Hot Chicken – 2-8 pm


LulaRoe Market – 12-4 pm

Music: Alexa Rose – 5-6 pm

Music: Andy Ferrell – 6-7 pm

New Beers:

Return to Lemuria – Imperial Stout

Daily Miel: Blackberry Farms Brewery Collaboration – Honey Farmhouse Ale

Farm’s Edge: Dinnsen’s Ochard – Paw Paw Tripel

Fullsteam beer on tapStyleCategoryABVIBUTo go?
NEW! Return to LemuriaImperial Stout with cocoa nibs and vanilla beansROAST11.0%50Bombers
NEW! Farm's Edge: Dinnsen's Orchard Paw Paw TripelFRUIT & SPICE9.5%30Growlers
HumidityModern Pale AleHOP6.0%50Crowlers, Growlers
Farm's Edge: Little MountainNC Gose with triticale, OBX sea salt, and spruce tipsTART & FUNKY5.8%10Crowlers, Growlers
Brett Southern BasilFarmhouse AleTART & FUNKY5.0%30--
Rhum Barrel LampshadeRhum Agricole Barrel-Aged BarleywineFRUIT & SPICE12.0%42--
Cecil B. DeMielWet-Hopped Bier de Miel (100% local)TART & FUNKY7.1?Crowlers, Growlers
Southern BasilFarmhouse AleFRUIT & SPICE5.0%3016 oz Cans!, Growlers
9-VoltSour IPATART & FUNKY6.5%47Crowlers, Growlers
PaycheckPilsnerCRISP4.5%35Cans!, Growlers
El ToroCream aleCRISP4.0%15Crowlers, Growlers
Lucky StrawFarmhouse ale with locally-sourced yeast; N.C. rye, barley, & wheat
5.5%25Crowlers, Growlers
CarverSweet potato lagerCRISP5.3%18Crowlers, Growlers
Cack-a-lackyGinger Pale AleFRUIT & SPICE5.0%33Cans, Growlers
Beasley's Honey WhiteHoney white w/ black pepperFRUIT & SPICE5.1%20Crowlers, Growlers
2015 Brandy Barrel-Aged First FrostBrandy barrel-aged persimmon winter ale (2016 Good Food Award winner)FRUIT & SPICE11.0%26Growlers
FullsteamLagerMALT5.5%30Crowlers, Growlers
Rocket ScienceAmerican IPAHOP7.0%85Cans!, Bombers, Growlers
HogwashHickory-smoked porterSMOKE5.4%20Crowlers, Growlers
Fearrington FallApple ESBMALT6.0%38Growlers, and Bombers
Fearrington Summer (bombers only)India Tea AleHOP4.8%45Bombers
Fearrington Spring (bombers only)Heritage grain farmhouse aleCRISP5.0%25Bombers
2015 First Frost (bombers only)Persimmon winter ale (2013 Good Food Award Winner)FRUIT & SPICE11.0%26Bombers

See a full draft list including guest offerings here.

A helpful guide (beer definitions adapted from Greg Engert's beer profiling system)
CRISPLight, clean, and refreshing.
HOPPronounced bitterness and/or hop aroma, ranging from floral to citrusy to rustic pine.
MALTSweet grains take center stage: nutty, bready, caramel, dark fruit.
ROASTDeep and dark with a rich, robust mouthfeel.
FRUIT & SPICEBold use of yeast. creative adjuncts, or flavorings. Often unfiltered.
SMOKEMalt smoked by fire; wood barrel-aged beer.
TART & FUNKYRustic, Earth, wine. Lightly acidic to way sour.
CROWLERA 32-ounce one-time-use can. We pre-fill these bad boys, but there's no deposit or additional charge for the container. We recommend consuming crowlered beer within ten days of the fill date.
GROWLERA reusable 64-ounce glass jug. We fill our growlers to order with Fullsteam beer available at the tavern, and we're now filling any growler (not just our own). They're best enjoyed fresh, typically within a week. Don't have a growler? You can buy one of ours for $5 and own it outright.
BOMBERA 22-ounce single-use bottle.

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