From Plow To Pint

Our mission is to craft a Southern Beer Economy, supporting local farmers, foragers, and agricultural entrepreneurs through the act of commerce

We buy local to brew local. Southern ingredients give our beer distinct character and the act of local commerce creates jobs and wealth for North Carolina farmers and food producers.

Simple or sassy?

Proper Summer

Dortmunder Lager

A refreshing, clean lager, sure...but one that's not shy about the foundation of good beer: malted barley. A hint of nutty sweetness accompanies this otherwise dry, clean, and crispy lager. Not hoppy. Not one bit.

Cheers to a proper summer and to the crushable beers that make it memorable.

// draft // four-pack
// a.k.a. "Heat Wave" at Arrow + Pedro Williams hair salons while supplies last


Sour IPA

It's back! Classic 9-VOLT with its punchy, sassy, and zippy mouthfeel. Begone, ye needless variants! This is the OG 9V; the best of the bunch, the original hoppy kettle sour featuring Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and  Centennial hops.

draft // four-pack