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A touch of haze. A ton of tropical hops. And just the right amount of bitterness to even it all out. Humidity is a bright and juicy Hazy without the thick mouthfeel of most new-world hazies -- a reliable "always in the fridge" modern ale.

If you liked Humidity as a pale ale, we think you'll love it as a 6.5% Hazy. We eliminated the triticale (wheat/rye hybrid), which added a rustic quality to the beer, and shifted hops from piney to tropical. With these slight changes, the name and the flavor profile align perfectly for the season: bright, sunny, and tropical.

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12oz Cans
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Eastern NC barbecue
Grains Epiphany Barley (Chit), Brewer's Malt, Locally malted wheat, Locally malted oats
Hops Cashmere, Citra, El Dorado
Yeast Fermentis S-04
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