River Lily

Modern IPA


We've long wanted to branch out our flagship hazy IPA, White Lily, and offer up slight tweaks, twists, and variations. But we've got to be honest with you: this first one, River Lily, was a bit unplanned.

Our team gave the base White Lily recipe a local oats twist with Riverbend Malt House’s “Hull & Oats," using twice the amount of oats. We wanted to push White Lily more local.

In spite of the doubling up of the oats, the beer did not retain the high haze typical of White Lily -- and the ABV was 0.5% higher...too high to consider it White Lily. Alas, we begin the adventure of White Lily variants...this one given the River moniker as a tribute to its origins.

Regardless, it's delicious: bold, citrus-forward, slightly sweet, and luscious. Let the Lily adventures begin.

Alc. By Vol.
To-Go Options
Drink It With
smoked salmon; mixed greens
Grains Hull & Oats, Two-row brewer's malt
Hops Mosaic, Vic Secret, Citra

Awards & Certifications

Craft Malt Certified

contains at least 10% regional grain