The Cones of Durmshire

West Coast IPA


Before the haze craze -- and just before the Great IBU wars -- IPA was bracing. Bitter. Alive.

This is that beer.

C-hops aplenty (Cascade, Centennial, and Citra).

Clear. Crisp. Full of bright orange zest, grapefruit pith, with a lingering conifer finish.

This is the IPA that will always be IPA. Our love letter to a simpler, clearer (beer) time.

Oh, the name? It's our snark letter to a dusty, loud, stressful (Durham) time. We'll get through it. Beer helps.

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The ledgerman
Grains Epiphany Barley (Chit), Brewer's Malt, Locally malted barley (Foundation), Aromatic malt
Hops Citra, Centennial
Yeast American West Coast Yeast