Biere de Femme Beer Festival

Out and About

Now in its second year, the annual Biere De Femme is a unique beer event that boasts  incredibly rare beers made specifically for this festival -- ALL by women brewers.

You didn't know there were so many bad ass chicks in the beer industry? Well, prepare to be amazed by the intricate blends of flavors these women have crafted and be wooed by their incredible charm. Most of the women who brewed these beers will be in attendance at the festival including our own Amanda Richardson with a Tripel/Gruit that uses flowers native to N.C. (elderflower, yarrow, and calendula) in place of hops and N.C. honey.

100% of all proceeds go toward scholarships to help women in NC and beyond improve their lives by giving them marketable skills in the beer industry. Craft beer offers thousands of respectable jobs for hard working North Carolinians, but they require specialty education that is not always accessible for struggling women. Come out to have some spectacular, rare beer and give a boost to a local woman who could use some help to jump-start her career.

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