Tavern Events

Detroit-style amateur boxing, taught by a Certified Green Level USA Boxing Coach, who trained for Golden Gloves, and is pairing her style with real live moves extracted from China’s Shaolin Temple, including its ancient form called Small Red Fist Form.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime Unicorn event – singularity – the nickname given to her by her husband of 14 years.


Sign up at the bar – FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED – limited to 3 sessions per person to allow several of our community members to learn a never before seen in public boxing style. Did we mention our coach studied in China? Did we mention we promote responsible drinking like they do in Ireland?

If you'd like to pre-register and get your membership card the day of the event, follow the link below.
Just click the Join Membership button, fill out the form and at the membership step, choose Fitness (it's $35 option) and Club Red Dragon SanchezLLC.