Inaugural Night Market

Tavern Events


We gave our alleyway a much-needed makeover, opening up the space for more seating -- and, this Friday, an international-themed Night Market!

Join us on Friday, July 13 from 9pm to midnight as we host a dozen or so local, small businesses with a global focus. We believe in the power of open alleyways, open markets, and open hearts.

Who -- aside you -- is coming?

- Exotique : Boutique and Art Gallery
- Poonam Henna Art
- GumCha - The original, handloomed 100% cotton scarf
- The Concern
- Bryce Batts - Noonday, Style & Storytelling
- Cat Call Collective
- Yumchi Kimchi
- MacfieKatBeads
- Ben Scanlan Spices

& more...