Music: The Guilty Pleasures

Music at Fullsteam

The Guilty Pleasures is an acoustic band from the musical heart of North Carolina, steeped in our State’s strong musical tradition but not afraid to venture into uncharted territory. Band members John McNeal (guitar) Greg Cordell (mandolin, fiddle), Nat Smith (bass), Meredith Nye (fiddle) and Tim Stambaugh (banjo, dobro) have played everything from country to funk to punk to jazz (which perhaps explains how they can pull off segueing from an 18th century ballad into The Monkey Song from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”) before returning to their musical roots.

The Guilty Pleasures’ sound is centered in bluegrass, old-time music, ballads, jigs and reels, but they’ve been known to cover all genres of music, including Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, the Band, Elvis, Gram Parsons, The Byrds, Rolling Stones, Pachelbel and George Gershwin. Dancing is encouraged, and dancers can select from the breakneck pace of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys to the sorrowful lamentations of Hank Williams to the out-and-out weirdness of Clarence Ashley’s “The Cuckoo Bird.”