Sustainable Spirits

Tavern Events

Let’s get together and talk about great ideas for sustainability! This month’s Sustainable Spirits is at Fullsteam Brewery, the place for farm to table food, farm to tap beer and great conversations.

Sponsoring this event is Southern Energy Management, a B Corp that brings clean energy to homes, offices, and whole developments. Learn about how they’re leading the triangle to responsible energy production through conservation and solar power.

Sustainable Spirits is a casual monthly gathering for the sustainability community organized by the North Carolina Composting Council. We started on the Summer of 2013 and have been rotating around the [expanded] Triangle and the coast through different establishments creating a space for people to gather, meet each other, and engage in fun and meaningful conversations for an inclusive and regenerative future. It’s free, unstructured, and open to everyone interested in anything from renewable energy and civic engagement to green building, organic farming, and beyond!