It's been a rocking North Carolina Beer Month. From kicking off on April 1 with Cask on Fools at Crank Arm in Raleigh, to the Governor's official proclamation a few days later at our neighbor Ponysaurus -- it's been a full first week. And there's a lot more to come.

Here's a list of NC Beer Month events we're leading or will be a part of. Mark your calendars or just swing by...we'd love for you to be a part of the celebration.

Saturday, April 7 -- You Are Here all-nighter grand opening
NC Museum of Art: You Are Here grand opening, featuring the first of four You Are Here New England-style IPAs we brewed to celebrate this wonderful, immersive exhibit!


Sunday, April 8 -- Fearrington Beer Festival
It's Fearrington's first-ever beer festival! We've partnered with Fearrington Village for a number of years now, and we're excited to see some of our pals in the business come together for a beery tasting at this beautiful community. Who know that Fearrington Village would ever say the phrase "limit 2 hot dogs per ticket." Come see what chef Colin Bedford is cooking up...and what breweries ranging from d9 to Tarboro have in store.

Saturday, April 14 -- Pints for Paws
Well here's another first! It's the inaugural Pints for Paws, a craft beverage festival. Raising money for the Animal Protection Society of pint at a time!

Saturday, April 14 -- Southern Season's NC Brew and 'Q Fest
Southern Season promises us NC beer and barbecue and I have a feeling they will deliver on said promise. Let's go find out!


Monday, April 16 -- Lead Brewer Amanda's Sustainability Event
Our wonderful, smart, talented, and sustainably-minded lead brewer, Amanda, is moving north. April 16 marks her last day, and, in typical Amanda fashion, she's organized a community-centric sustainability event at Fullsteam. We encourage you to join for the Pink Boots portion (3pm) or the free-to-the-public event (4pm). Join Amanda and other Durham women leaders paving the way to make our community greener and better. They deserve our support...our world is better because of them.

Monday, April 16 -- Red Beans Road Show at The Lakewood
Pableaux is in town! We're thrilled to provide beer for our favorite Bayou Rapscallion, Pableaux Johnson. He's bringing his Red Beans Road Show to The Lakewood, where he'll pair up with Phoebe Lawless for a family-style feast. Expect merriment, shenanigans, and/or mischief.

Tuesday, April 17 -- Beer dinner at the Washington Duke (with Riverbend Malt House)
We're thrilled to return to the Washington Duke for a beer dinner featuring Brent Manning, co-founder of Riverbend Malt House. We've been an early, early customer of Riverbend and we've watched them grow considerably over the years. The dinner will feature a range of beers made with local ingredients, including Riverbend's wheat and barley. Those of you who have been to previous Washington Duke beer dinners know that Chef de Cuisine Murray Healy and Executive Chef Jason Cunningham pull out all the a reasonable price!

Sunday, April 22 -- Cureat comes to Richmond, VA (Brenner Pass)
Okay okay, it's in Virginia, not North Carolina. But we're thrilled to partner with local app CurEat to bring up some Fullsteam rarities and fun selections not often found in our neighbor to the north. And it's all for a good cause, with all proceeds from this amazing dinner going to No Kid Hungry. I've not yet been to two-time James Beard semi-finalist Chef Brittanny Anderson's new venture, Brenner Pass, but I'm looking forward to it...and I'll hope you'll join us. (I'm also thrilled to connect with old pals Jason Alley of Comfort and Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm).


Perhaps fittingly, a few of us Fullsteamy types wrap up NC Beer Month on April 30 en route to the Craft Brewers Conference -- this time (and for the first time!) in nearby Nashville. We're excited to learn, present, and be in community at the national and international level.

But for now...for's all about North Carolina and NC Beer Month!