Starting in March 2024 for six months or so, Rocket Science cans will come out with a red Pak-Tech cap instead of its normal black cap. 

We want to let you know about a change

We recently reformulated our best-selling IPA. Nothing crazy, and not enough to change the can description or ABV. But enough to call attention to it.

"What would Rocket Science be if we created it from scratch today?"

."..and how would that be different from the original Rocket Science?”

That was our question.

Yes, we want to make a classic, traditional American IPA. But we don't want it to be stuck in the past. 

The truth is: we've often made smaller tweaks to Rocket Science. The Rocket you may have had when we opened in 2010 is far different than any so-called "Classic" Rocket Science. It's just that this upcoming iteration is a bolder change - not the gradual, nearly imperceptible tweaks we've made over the past decade.

This recent shift isn't seismic. But it's notable.

Blind me with the Science (for those who wish to delve deeper)

Classic Rocket Science started with a very large bittering charge of Magnum hops, then didn't receive any additional hops until whirlpool. 

The new Red Cap Rocket Science has a smaller Mangum bittering charge, then adds a thirty-minute addition of Centennial. This shift imparts brighter hop flavor and aroma, with less bitterness. 

Another notable change: Red Cap Rocket Science is now a Citra and Mosaic dry hop, whereas Classic Rocket's dry hop was Centennial and Amarillo.

What it all means

It's still Rocket Science. We're thrilled with the result and our answer to that question: how would we (how did we!) craft a classic American IPA...but in 2024? 

After all, good science regularly retests one's hypotheses.

We took in two months of public consideration and feedback to test our assumptions. A significantly significant number of you (75%) told us you liked the new recipe, approving of our change in the malt bill, hop schedule, and dry-hop mix. 

Now it's time. To shift from a one-two punch of bitter-into-citrus to a quietly confident, modern yet still classic American IPA that balances bitter, citrus, floral, and tropical flavors and aroma.

Will we revisit Rocket Science again?

Well, you know what they say...good science regularly retests one's hypotheses.