What is Top Box?

Top Box is a private rental space on the second floor of Boxyard RTP. It consists of three enclosed shipping containers with two garage doors that open into a private deck overlooking the Boxyard courtyard. The inside space offers audio-visual capabilities, a TV, a small catering kitchen, and an eight-tap draft system with deck access.


How many people can Top Box accommodate?
80 people standing in the Top Box with an additional 120 on the surrounding patio – a tight 200. Seating reduces the total capacity to around 40 people.

What’s included in the Top Box rental?
The Top Box indoor space with seating and tables, a private deck, a dedicated bar, a large-screen Smart TV with basic cable and a Bluetooth music system to plug in your streaming music preferences.

What about inclement weather?
In cold weather, three propane heaters help keep guests warm. Smaller groups can stay inside the conditioned Top Box space. We have shade shades to protect from sun, but they are not impermeable to rain.

What if we need to reschedule?
Rental deposits are non-refundable, as it secures and sets aside your date. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling requests as long as they are made at least 14 days prior to the original event date.

Can we rent on a day that Boxyard is closed, or outside traditional hours?
We’re happy to consider off-hours rentals on a case-by-case basis. Please note that they tend to be more expensive


Does Fullsteam cater?
We sure do, and we'd love to serve your group. Here's our Boxyard catering menu.

Can we bring in outside catering or our own food?
We’d prefer to cater for you, but you’re welcome to support other Boxyard catering vendors if you’d like. We do not allow food from non-Boxyard vendors or food from home.

What does “cash bar” mean?
Cash bar is a traditional, everyone-pays-their-own-tab bar set-up, or you can open a tab for your group. It doesn’t have to be cash, as we accept cards and most forms of contactless payment. But “credit card bar” sounds weird.

Do you offer drinks other than beer?
Yes! Wine, seasonal ciders, and non-alcoholic drinks (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, water). If you are interested in other non-alcoholic drinks, let us know and we can price it out for you!

What if someone in my group has dietary restrictions?
Our kitchen team will work with you to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please note that our kitchen is not a gluten-free environment, as we make all of our pizzas in house.


Can we bring in a band?
Boxyard has their own programming calendar. If you’re interested in bringing in a band to play on the public stage, we can connect you with the Boxyard event staff. We do not allow live music inside Top Box.


Who is in charge of cleaning up?
If you bring it into the box, you are responsible for taking it out of the box. We ask any non-Fullsteam caterers to clean up and take out all event-related trash.

How much time do we have for set-up and breakdown?
We build in a buffer of 30 minutes before and after your event. Should you need additional time, we will do our best to accommodate, but it will be at an additional room rental fee.