Big Tent Razz

Golden Ale with raspberries

Fruspy (fruit, spice, yeast)

We take our 100% local grain golden ale, Big Tent, and add a drop or two of raspberries. And by a drop or two, we mean 500 pounds.

If you're looking for fruity and juicy beer -- without the sour notes associated with a Gose or Berliner Weisse -- this is your beer.

Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
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Drink It With
Grains Locally malted barley (Vienna), Locally malted barley (Gold two-row), White wheat
Hops Aramis, Magnum
Yeast House Ale
Other Raspberry puree

Locally malted barley (Gold two-row)


Locally malted barley (Vienna)