Lemon Basil

Farmhouse Ale

Fruspy (fruit, spice, yeast)


For many of our North Carolina farmer partners, the 2018 basil growing season was a challenging one. It also presented us with an opportunity: to explore a late-season variant of our Southern Basil to include other herbs that complemented our summer saison.

For this one-off twist on Southern Basil, we started with traditional "Genovese" basil, then added local lemon basil, lemongrass, and pineapple sage. The result, not surprisingly, is a punchy, lemony, and herbal saison -- literally Southern Basil with a twist.

Alc. By Vol.
To-Go Options
Drink It With
Pimento cheese, Classic Southern BLT
Grains Locally malted wheat, Two-row brewer's malt, Riverbend Malt House Appalachian wheat
Hops Czech Kazbek, German Magnum
Yeast French Saison
Other Local Genovese basil, Local lemon oil extract, Local pineapple sage, Local lemongrass, Local lemon basil