Major Arcana

Elderberry Sour

Fruspy (fruit, spice, yeast)

Major Arcana is a collaboration with our friends at Arcana in honor of Durham Pride Week.

This beer is delicately tart without being Warheads level of sour and is the perfect vehicle for all of that elderberry goodness.

Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
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Drink It With
Magick Folks
Grains Riverbend Double Kilned Munich, Riverbend Appalachian Wheat, Riverbend Cumberland Pils, Riverbend Malt House Appalachian wheat
Hops African Queen, Citra
Yeast Voss Kveik
Other Elderberry Powder, WildBrew Helveticus Pitch

Awards & Certifications

100% N.C. Malt

Independent Brewery Certified

Craft Malt Certified


Riverbend Malt House Appalachian wheat