McRae Cray

Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy

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McRae Cray celebrates both North Carolina’s, and our sales director Mary Eliza’s, Scottish heritage, while also embracing our progressive approach to beer-making. Scotch ale, also known as wee heavy, has a history dating back hundreds of years and typically brings a rich, toffee-like malt presence to the forefront. We update this classic style with local malts from Epiphany, cocoa nibs from Escazu, and coffee from Muddy Dog. The result is a dessert-like concoction best savored during these last few cool nights as winter turns to spring.

Alc. By Vol.
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Drink It With
Roasted meats, smoked duck ham, chocolate, pecan pie
Grains Epiphany Bruehmalt, Epiphany Foundation malt, Maris Otter malt, Roasted barley, Ashburne Mild malt, Honey malt, Flaked oats
Hops Fuggle, Magnum
Yeast House Ale
Other Coffee, Cocoa nibs
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