Percy's Paw Paw Miracle

Paw Paw Wheat Ale

Collabs Crisp

We have a limited number of Percy's Paw Paw Miracle cans available at our taproom.

Little Brother (Phonte and Pooh), Dr. Cicely and the Fullsteam crew gathered together in the Bull City to celebrate all things made in Durham: music, beer, and (of course) the Little Brother block party, Made in Durham.

The goal: a beer to mark the gathering. The challenge: we all had different taste preferences. And it was a struggle. Until a miracle emerged. The paw paw fruit.

Native to the American South, the paw paw is North America’s largest tree fruit. And it was in season when we met. One taste and we had it: this here paw paw wheat beer. Inspired by the South.

Brought to you by a bunch of Durham originals.

Made manifest by the spirit of Percy.

Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
To-Go Options
16oz Cans, Crowlers
Drink It With
A Music Fest
Grains Riverbend Appalachian Wheat, Riverbend Malt House Chesapeake Pilsner
Hops Magnum
Other Local paw paw fruit

Awards & Certifications

100% N.C. Malt

Craft Malt Certified

Independent Brewery Certified