Reset No. 1: Amber

Amber Ale

Limited Releases Malt Reset Series

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    Things that need a reset.

    Reset is our new series of true-to-style ales and lagers, all brewed with 100% North Carolina malt.

    Our first is a traditional amber ale that's appropriately toasty sweet, malty, and clean.

    It does not contain cheesecake.
Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
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Wistful nostalgia
Grains Riverbend Crystal 50, Riverbend Avalon, Riverbend Light Munich, Epiphany Ruby, Riverbend Southern Select, Locally malted barley (Brewer's Breakfast Biscuit), Locally malted barley (Foundation)
Hops EKG, Saaz, Magnum

Awards & Certifications

Independent Brewery

Craft Malt Certified

100% N.C. Malt

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Locally malted barley (Brewer's Breakfast Biscuit)


Locally malted barley (Foundation)