Sam's Chestnut Brown Ale

Chestnut Brown Ale

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“By almost any metric, the American Chestnut was a perfect tree.”

Until the early 1900s, nearly one in four hardwood trees in the Eastern U.S. was an American Chestnut, spanning from Maine to the Florida panhandle to the Mississippi River.

Those trees are all gone.

But with new genetic research and hybridization techniques, the chestnut is returning to America. That's why food and beverage with chestnuts is so important: to reestablish markets and regenerative interest in this amazing tree.

When we brew with chestnuts, we intentionally brew sessionable and/or repeatable beers. Beers that you'd want another one of. More chestnut beer = more chestnuts = more trees. It's that simple.

As for the beer, Sam’s is a smooth brown ale balanced with layers of dark fruit and nutty chestnuts. It’s great with food, especially this time of year. Totally quaffable on its own. One of those “I’ll have another one of these” pints.

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Grains Locally Malted Epiphany Munich, Brewer's Malt, Locally malted barley (Bittersweet chocolate), Locally malted barley (Brewer's Breakfast Biscuit), Carapils
Hops East Kent Goldings, Magnum

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