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Us: Hey Lead Brewer Jon! If you love Wee Heavy so much, why don't you make it your Instagram handle?

Lead Brewer Jon: okay

Jon loves Wee Heavy. And for good reason, especially this time of year. It's malty, roasty, and smooth, with notes of raisin and plum.

If you're in an IPA rut, we encourage you to explore some traditional beer styles. This time of year, there's nothing finer than a good Wee Heavy. Jon loves it, we love him, you'll love the beer.

Now where's that fireplace?

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16oz Cans
Drink It With
smoked meats, bread pudding
Grains Intermediate Crystal, Smoked Malt, C120, Locally malted barley (Bittersweet chocolate), Locally malted barley (Munich), Locally malted barley (Foundation), Maris Otter malt, Honey malt

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Locally malted barley (Bittersweet chocolate)


Locally malted barley (Foundation)


Locally malted barley (Munich)