The Point 262

Sports Drink Gose


We know how hard you're training. How far you push yourself. How you give 110 percent, even though that's mathematically impossible. But sometimes you need that extra nudge to bring all that effort home. After all, life is a one-one hundredth of a marathon...not a race.

That's why we've brewed The Point 262, a sports drink Gose brewed with Southern-sourced electrolytes (Bulls Bay sea salt), local wheat (Riverbend Malt House) and local barley (Epiphany Craft Malt). Plus the finest in natural lemon and lime extracts from Durham's own Horner Extracts. The Point 262 puts the "ade" in "re-hydration!" (Hey, the letters are all there...don't judge.)

The Point 262 is fun, refreshing, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Wait, are we talking about the race or the beer? Yes.

Alc. By Vol.
To-Go Options
12oz Cans
Drink It With
One one-hundredth of a marathon
Grains Locally malted wheat, Flaked wheat, Torrified wheat, Two-row brewer's malt, Riverbend Malt House Appalachian wheat
Hops Pink Boots Blend
Yeast House Ale
Other Local lime oil extract, Local lemon oil extract, Coriander, Bulls Bay sea salt