New Beer Friday: Bramble Arch

Beer Release


Blackberry Porter (50% N.C. grain)

A small but vocal fan base -- you know who you are -- asks us to keep dark beers in stock year-round, no matter the temp. And they're on to something: after all, the Jamaican Export Stout is a thing.

We opted for a fruited porter, using Happy Dirt local blackberries and a 50% local grain bill. The blackberry lends a deep purple tint and a tartness that's refreshing, bright, and lightly acidic...a nice counter-balance to the toasty and touch malty notes from the brown porter.

If you lean toward dark beers, even with temps in the 90s, we think you'll really enjoy Bramble Arch.

As for the name: over the centuries, arches made from blackberry vines have had mythical and even spiritual associations. From warding off evil spirits to portals into another world, the legend of the bramble arch has changed from generation to generation, but maintains its mythos.

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