New Beer Friday: 9-VOLT

Beer Release


Pushed back to lager more -- release June 11

Dortmunder Lager

A refreshing, clean lager, sure...but one that's not shy about the foundation of good beer: malted barley. A hint of nutty sweetness accompanies this otherwise dry, clean, and crispy lager. Cheers to a proper summer and to the crushable beers that make it memorable.

// draft // four-pack
// a.k.a. "Heat Wave" at Arrow + Pedro Williams hair salons while supplies last


Sour IPA

It's back! Classic 9-VOLT with its punchy, sassy, and zippy mouthfeel. Begone, ye needless variants! This is the OG 9V; the best of the bunch, the original hoppy kettle sour featuring Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and  Centennial hops.

draft // four-pack