Did you know our brewhouse was once part of a proposed manned space station? This three-section orbiter was intended to serve as a remote science lab, where scientists would study the effects of water contaminated with sugar fungus.

Here is the original design of the planned space station:


Unfortunately, budget cutbacks scuttlebutted the initial project, and only one of three compartments was ever built.

Rather than disassemble the station, the modular unit was re-engineered as a brewing vessel. Thanks to innovative design, the brewhouse -- now nicknamed "MIR," a tribute to its erstwhile intention -- is a highly-efficient, integrated combination mash tun, lauter, and whirlpool.

Here is MIR landing into our new facility:



And docked:


Eagle-eyed observers will notice that the backside of MIR is somewhat dented. We can only presume that this damage occurred during early flight simulations. Our engineers are assessing the damage this week. We are confident that the vessel will hold pressure and operate flawlessly.

MIR launches to the public May 17th.

* certain portions of this blog post may not be true.