It's time to PIMP THAT MULLET! Our fabulous 1967 Dodge A-100 "Mullet" has been patiently wanting to get painted. Truth is, we (and by "we" I mean "Sean") can't decide on colors for the revamped machine! So we need YOUR HELP picking out colors for the Mullet.

The slide show and the coloring page below will take you to the Flickr page, where we've collected images of the Mullet in its flat black stage and its awkward Bondo years (which it's still in, sad to say).

Let our indecision be your moment of glory! We'll totally set you up with recognition galore if you help us come up with the right look for the Mullet. Cost IS a consideration, so keep the ironic flames to a minimum.

But we'd love to have a few people take this idea and run with it. Pass this page along to your friends if you'd like, particularly if they have experience with restoration or design.

This is more an experiment in crowd-sourcing, so we're not sure what to expect. If a total hero emerges, expect some great merch and maybe even your name etched in the revamped Mullet! If we only get a few responses, we'll probably go with an idea of our own. Many thanks to Bill Stevens and Jody Brown for their renderings of the Mullet.

By the way, this is off-topic but we'd like you to know about it: Jody Brown is an architect and a can-do kind of guy (for example, he cranked out that first Mullet sketch in five minutes). Jody has a new venture online called "Coffee with an Architect" (a much more constructive opportunity than "Meth with a Milkman").

He explains (bold mine 'cause Lew does it and I dig his style):

Ever want to discuss hierarchy and the use of a datum? Want to discuss the merits of Christopher Wren and Claude Ledoux? No, probably not... Want to have a coffee and talk about that project you've always thought of doing? That new house, an addition, a kitchen renovation, a new deck, a high-rise luxury condo. I'd love to grab a coffee and talk. Conversations are free!

So, if you're interested in Coffee with an Architect, learn more at, well, Coffee with an Architect!

And now, some MULLET ACTION! We'd love your ideas on how to paint the Mullet! Send us these pages -- and any supporting information (PMS colors, extra info) -- to We'd love to hear from you (yes, you!) by the end of the month.

Oh, and feel free to email the mullet if you have any questions about this little program. Or if you just happen to be a classic car restorer who works for beer.