We're quietly reopening, respecting and adhering to state and city regulations to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for both employees and guests during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's an overview of the steps we're taking -- it's by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you a sense of just how seriously we're taking this matter.

Employee Safety Precautions

  • All employees must conduct a temperature check and complete a health screening checklist prior to each shift. Any team member exhibiting the following are required to stay home: team members registering a fever, showing any symptoms of COVID-19, or exposure to anyone with COVID-19.
  • We require all employees to cover their face while working at all times. Fullsteam has provided face coverings to any employee needing one.
  • Team members are adhering to excellent hygienic practices, including frequent hand-washing and regular use of sanitizer.
  • All employees have completed Count On Me NC training on proper hygiene, cleaning/sanitizing, and social distancing practices.
  • We have created two new positions to stay on top of these requirements: a guide/host up front (who will explain our house rules and how to navigate ordering), and a sanitation specialist (in charge of cleaning and sanitizing tables and surfaces).

Guest Safety Precautions

  • Fullsteam follows all local, state, and federal requirements. We're taking this seriously, and we're asking our guests to do the same.
  • We've posted signs with our house rules and reduced maximum occupancy.
  • We've marked and designated entry/exit pathways. Guests come in the front door, order at the bar, receive drinks and a order tag (if they're getting food), then find a table marked "sanitized." We'll bring food out to you when it's ready. We ask that you leave glassware and food at your table when you're done...we'll take care if it
  • Per city regulations, we require guests to wear face coverings when not seated at a table.
  • We have limited our seating to 50% of normal capacity and created social distancing between tables.
  • We've removed all bar seating for now.
  • All tables, chairs, and menus are cleaned and disinfected in between each guest visit.
  • All frequently touched items such as door handles, light switches, and host stands are frequently cleaned and disinfected. Menus, too.
  • We're regularly inspecting and cleaning our restrooms.
  • Six hand sanitizer stations are set up for guests to use as they enter and throughout the tavern.
  • Windows and doors are left open as much as possible to keep fresh air in the space.

Next up: planning your visit and what to expect while you're here.