I've loved the Dodge A100 for some time. There's something about its blocky van-meets-pickup truck that really appeals to me.

So I bought one on eBay. It's in California right now, but like most air travel, getting to-and-from California is often easier than say, Minnetonka.

It'll need a paint job, (inevitably) some work, and -- most importantly -- a name. Here are the top ten names we're considering for the beer truck:

  1. Mr. Emissions
  2. The Meconium Falcon
  3. Putzy
  4. Where's the Gas Tank?
  5. Stay-at-Home Mom
  6. Andy Gibb
  7. Involuntary Durham Pace Van
  8. My paint job is worth more than my parts
  9. Pro Bono
  10. Underabundance of Affection

Got any better names? Post 'em here!