Our taprooms are built for group events...and our kitchens are as well!

At the original Downtown Durham (DRM) taproom, our tavern space features several open-air rooms that can be sectioned off, but are not fully private. For the right occasion and opportunity, we can rent out the entire tavern.

Over at Boxyard (RTP), we designed Top Box, a separate 900 square foot, second-story private room with a roped-off deck that overlooks the courtyard and stage. 

We provide full catering services at both locations:

Interested in more info? Simply fill out the form for where you'd like to hold your event: Downtown DRM or Boxyard RTP

Please provide at least one week for us to consider your event or catering request. One last thing: we're still looking to hire a catering and event coordinator, so please know it may take a little time for us to get back to you. We're doing our best to serve all the emerging requests for social spaces.