Astro Snacks

Neapolitan Sour

Tart / Funk

Last year's UV-7 was a surprise hit of our kettle sour series-- so much so that we decided to break it out as its own beer. Organic Georgia strawberries, Videri cocoa nibs, and sweet vanilla fuse together in a tart, refreshing Neapolitan kettle sour.

Tart, bright strawberry turns quickly into light, fruity chocolate and finishes with sweet vanilla. Chocolate and vanilla linger on your palate with a light acidity, begging you to take another sip.

It just works. Really well.

Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
To-Go Options
Drink It With
Grains Flaked Wheat, Locally malted wheat, Aromatic malt, Two-row brewer's malt
Hops Aged Strisselspalt
Yeast American Ale
Other Local strawberries, Locally processed cocoa nibs, Vanilla