Farm's Edge: Deadnettle

Foraged Gose

Farm's Edge Tart / Funk


Using locally malted spelt and wheat (some of which was grown just down the road in Hillsborough), as well as deadnettle plants foraged by our head brewer here in Durham, Deadnettle embodies our commitment to exploring the Farm’s Edge during the late spring. Low in alcohol and tart from the kettle souring process, this refreshing Gose is the perfect foil to 80-degree afternoons. Bulls Bay sea salt sourced from just north of Charleston, SC adds a certain savory aspect to the beer, while the lemon and coriander accentuate the acidity of the beer and the deadnettle provides an herbaceous depth of flavor.

Alc. By Vol.
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Drink It With
Shrimp roll, pork belly, salads
Grains Epiphany malted spelt, Epiphany malted wheat, Flaked wheat, Two-row brewer's malt, Appalachian Wheat
Hops Lemondrop, Mandarina Bavaria
Yeast House Ale
Other Lemon oil extract, Foraged deadnettle, Coriander, Bulls Bay sea salt