Mexican Stout


Pasilla Mixe (mee-hay) is a prized pepper from the high mountains of the Oaxacan Sierra Norte, farmed and oak-smoked by the indigenous Mixtec people.

Fruity with moderate heat, the Pasilla Mixe is the foundation of the Mexican Chocolate trinity: smokey dried chilies, spicy cinnamon, and fruity cocoa nibs from our pals at Videri Chocolate Factory (Raleigh).

Combined with a based of deep-toasted North Carolina and domestic grains, Mixe is rich, warming, and well-structured...yet repeatably delicious.

Here's a video from our Pasilla pepper suppliers as they trek into the Sierra Norte to learn more about region's climate and growing conditions, and how it informs the farming and curing process of this prized pepper.

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bistec tacos, brownies
Grains Riverbend Southern Select, Epiphany Intermediate Crystal, Locally malted barley (Icarus), Crystal 120, Brewer's Malt, Locally malted barley (Bittersweet chocolate), Carapils, Flaked oats
Other Pasilla Peppers, Cinnamon, Locally processed cocoa nibs

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